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Raina Haider


FORMER Intern at RSP Design Consultants - Bangalore 2017
FORMER Intern at SPACE MATRIX - Bangalore 2018
Conducted Training on Corporate Etiquettes 2018 & 2019 - Women's Christian College

Invited as a member of the jury for the Event, Festo De Business by Women's Christian College, Chennai- 2018
Guest Lectures and Public Speaking at Kashmir School of Architecture - 2019
Event Organizer and Planner of Graphers 2020 ( Photography & Art competition)

Products & Merchandise, Graphic Designer at Redbubble, Society 6, Teespring

Blogger @fashot_grapher

Influencer @fasgotgrapher_merch



Architect, Graphic Designer & Photographer

Raina Haider is an avid Architect, Image Consultant, Graphic Designer and Photographer from India. Her passion for Photography and Architectural blogging engulfed her creative perspectives by the end of her Grad School.

Being an Architect, she has always been fascinated by the placement of spaces, the orchestration of shapes and the artistic approach to life with the subconscious mind.


In this blog page, she portrays her work and ideas through the most basic form of visualization understood by mankind - A Picture


A Picturesque may fuel the viewers mind to admire, dream, imagine and even visit the places that we see. The sole ability to capture this moment has been one of her greatest interests and her mindful skills. 

Ms. Raina also has a strong keen sense of music and culture thus making this creative empire a soulful experience for her audience.

FASHOT GRAPHER banding together with INTELLECT INFINITY provides course trainings and special services in designing of product, merchandise and many more


What's Going On!

FASHOT GRAPHER is an expressive and ethereal platform that showcases the subtle yet sublime views of the natural, monumental, architectural aspects of this world seen and captured through the lens of an envisioned architect who aspires to freeze those moments in time and share it with the world to see.

Sit back and prepare the circuits of your brain for a journey of warmth and colour from all around the world.

Services We


FASHOT GRAPHER provides customized graphic art services on garments, merchandise and home décor products. We also do custom illustrations and designs.


We offer logo Designing , branding, prints and adverts services to industry and institutions.


Also check out Fashot Grapher Store for Digital Prints, Illustrations and Photographs.


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